Short-term Joint Training Event

The partners of the i-Learn4Health project met in Romania on April 8-10, at the headquarters of FSLI. The purpose of our meeting was the short-term Joint Training Event, which was attended by teachers, school principals and experts from all project partners.

The training was held so that primary school teachers, school principals and health education specialists could get to know the project and learn to effectively use its innovative tools, digital educational games and online training program.

Objectives of the Training Event were:

  • Strengthening participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and motivation to use and adapt the project tools.
  • Improving the educational skills of the participants.
  • Readiness of the participants for the piloting of the project tools.
  • Ability of participants to act as multipliers of knowledge gained, ensuring long-term impact.
  • Evaluation of the preliminary version of the online training program and the digital educational games before the national piloting.

On the first and second day, the participants created workshops, where we analyzed the games and the educational program. An open discussion followed, where the feedback we received was valuable as we identified some small changes that need to be made, to further improve the two tools the project will deliver.

On the third day we visited a primary school in Bucharest. There, we presented the training program to the teachers. The messages were positive, they showed a lot of interest and their comments will help us to improve the program. Our great joy was when we presented the games to the young students. The children showed great interest, played the games and were excited.

This meeting was a milestone for the project. We collected valuable data on the small changes that need to be made so that the online training program and digital educational games of the iLearn4Health project will be ready in July 2024.

Stay tuned for more news about our project!