iLearn4Health – Full-Throttle


The heavy winter did not only signify the most wonderful time of the year, as Andy Williams suggested in 1963 – with his deep, warm voice letting us no option but to accept his pompous statement without second thoughts-, but also the period that iLearn4Health entered its full-throttle mode.

Lots of things to be accomplished, tons of evaluations, communications and collaborations with experts, discussions and suggestions on what we are dealing with and what is to come, and of course the best road to walk towards the goal. Yes, we had to get serious; and serious we got. The subjects to be discussed many, so were, and are, the actions and plans to be carried-out; Thus, hearing our call, the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting, in Lublin, Poland, became reality, allowing us to come together after 6 months!


Forever Young

Had we been younger by just a few years, with certainty we would believe that Lublin is Santa’s village. Well, for starters, it’s Christmas. Then, it is such a beautiful place, full of snow and smoking chimneys, rather cold during winter for sure; elves were nowhere to be seen, however our young, innocent eyes would definitely spot them running around, hiding, and plotting mischiefs on bystanders. And even-though our eyes and minds now can better identify the truth the world bares, we still like to travel back from time to time, and witness things from our early scope. Knowing how important the protection of youngsters’ health is (mental and physical alike), gave life to iLearn4Health.

Oh, come on now, don’t be childish (of course you can), we are not here to find elves (you never know though)! The reason of us visiting Lublin, was the project’s 2nd Transnational Meeting.


We were so happy to see each other again, after more that half a year. So we caught up, shared our news, as well as holiday wishes, and after we equipped ourselves with warm drinks, we got down to business. The agenda included everything, from the smallest detail to the most grandiose structure of the project.

The Website, social media accounts, communication networks with schools, educators, and parents; the 6 separate Digital Educational Games, 1 for each age group, the questionnaires focused on primary school teachers and educators, and of course, the Educational Program, that focuses on developing educators’ skills and general knowledge on how to integrate the ‘Digital Game Based Learning’ in the educational process of primary schools. Everything was discussed extensively, in such detail that by the end, all opinions had been expressed, and a complete roadmap had been carved for the next steps of the project.


In The Summertime

No matter how good Andy Williams’ song is, many shall argue that the most wonderful time of the year is summer, especially when spent near the seaside. So we got a taste of a Transnational meeting during winter, we shall now wait until June, when the 3rd is arranged in Nicosia, Cyprus, to see whether Christmas songs go nice under 40 degrees! Until then, iLearn4Health shall make its way to become the best version of itself, so that it serves behind the lines of high quality health education. See you soon!