TPM in Cyprus: Advancing Health Education through Collaboration

Our fantastic alliance of 8 organizations reunites once again! This occasion took place in Cyprus, graciously hosted by Agias Napas-Antoni Tsokkou primary school! During the dates of June 13th-14th, 2023, partners from University of Patras,, Center for Competence Development Cyprus – COMCY, Agias Napas-Antoni Tsokkou primary school, Fsli Romania, Polska Fundacja Ośrodków Wspomagania Rozwoju Gospodarczego “OIC Poland”, San Viator Internacional, and Errotu Taldea convened to deliberate on health education.
  • What’s Fresh?
  • The Electronic Diagnostic Tool, designed for pinpointing factors that impact students’ mastery of knowledge in DGBL, is fully prepared and accessible via this link:
  • Development is underway for Digital Educational Games aimed at promoting health and delivering health education in primary schools. These games, tailored for youngsters aged 6-12, will comprise six diverse variants.
  • The progress continues for the Online Training Program in Health Promotion and Health Education via DGBL. Geared toward teachers/head teachers in primary schools and post-grad students specializing in educational sciences, this training zeros in on health promotion and health education through DGBL.
Stay tuned for more and of course, stay healthy! 🍓