iLearn4Health: A Transnational Collaboration

The iLearn4Health project transcends national borders, bringing together educational centers from across Europe. This collaborative approach fosters a valuable exchange of knowledge and best practices.

Shared Goals, Lasting Impact

The project’s vision extends beyond equipping individual teachers and students. It aims to make a lasting impact on the educational landscape. Here are its key goals:

  • Promoting DGBL in Primary Schools: The project seeks to establish Digital Game-Based Learning as a standard practice in primary school health education across Europe.
  • Developing a Comprehensive Curriculum: DGBL resources and curriculum materials are being developed specifically for effective integration into existing health education programs.
  • Building a Strong Network: The collaboration fosters a network of educators and educational institutions committed to innovative health education methods.

A Healthier Future for Young Generations

By promoting DGBL and empowering educators across Europe, the iLearn4Health project paves the way for a more comprehensive and engaging approach to health education for young generations. This collaborative effort has the potential to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes they need to make healthy choices throughout their lives, ultimately leading to a healthier future for all.